Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TIP: create SQL server datetime using international date format (ISO 8061)

CAST(datepart(year, getdate()) AS varchar) + '-' +
RIGHT('0' + CAST(datepart(month, getdate()) AS varchar), 2) + '-' +
RIGHT('0' + CAST(10 AS varchar), 2) +
AS datetime)

Note that SQL Server 2005 does *NOT* accept all ISO 8061 date/time formats. This one works well, and the advantage of using an international date/time format is that the date string is not ambiguous.

The above SQL creates a string consisting of at least 2 digits for day and month, and ends up looking like this for example: '2009-02-10T00:00:00'

SQL accepts that format and can CAST it to datetime.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

IE8 RC1 causes system instability when Roxio DLA is installed

Recommend you do NOT install IE8 RC1 together with Roxio DLA. I had DLA installed, on Win XP SP2 with IE 6, and installed IE 8 RC1 only to get regular system freezes (reset required). Uninstalling IE8 did *NOT* solve it either. The problems seemed to get worse. E.g. opening My Computer would show a white window only and stop responding.

Windows reported a problem closing DLACTRL.EXE I think it was, when shutting down. So I took a punt and uninstalled Roxio DLA. Problem was solved.